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Community Rehabilitation Providers
for Youth In Transition
and Adults with Disabilities
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  Participating agencies and groups.

Aging and Disability Services

Department of Developmental Services

Board of Education and Services for the Blind

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

State Department Education

Connect-Ability School to Work Transition Workgroup
     Dr. Patricia Anderson
     Carol Barans
     Nora Bishop
     Maggie Boyce
     Patti Clay
     Lila Coddington
     Carlos Colón
     Lianie Gorcenski
     Darlene Key
     Khampasong Khantivong
     Bridget Kopet
     Arlene Lugo
     Carrie O'Connell
     Irene Reed
     Nikki Richer
     Barry Rita
     Karen Stigliano
     Heather Walton
     Nicole Wheaton
     Jo-Ellen Wickwire
     Susan Zimmermann